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"The debt was due... I was the payment. The one who sold me... was family."

Chiyo Nakamura has caught the eye of Akahito Takahashi. Using the fact that her father is indebted to him, he takes Chiyo as the payment.

Instead of selling her off, he keeps her for his own pleasure. Chiyo learns of his vampire origins and is introduced into a new world where pieces of her mother’s past are revealed to her. Bidding her time until she can escape, Chiyo vows revenge on her father.

Will Akahito succeed in keeping Chiyo all to himself, or will outside forces tear her away from him?

Special addition: Wanton Secrets

"Cast your cares aside and give in to your dark temptations..."

Ms. Cage is looking for a bit of fun away from her high powered job, so at the urging of an associate, she prepares to have her fantasies turned into reality. Once there, however, she gets far more than she bargained for.

Some secrets are better kept in the dark and our fantasies never spoke loudly.

Betrayal by Blood Signed Copy

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